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So, You Failed Yourself and Your New Year’s Resolution!

When will you learn that most of the New Year’s resolutions fail? The first three weeks of the year all the local gyms are busy with the masses of the people who are looking to get better, and lose weight. Most of the resolutions fail because they are not descriptive enough. They are weak attempts to change one thing about a person’s life.

I stopped doing resolutions because they are too narrow of a focus. I have started doing a yearly value statement since 2017, and I feel that I have started becoming a better person because of it. The yearly value statement has 7 areas of focus on who I am.

If you want to change something about yourself, you must change who you are. To change who you are you must focus on change in your whole life, not just one area of change like most resolutions.

You must be willing to do a few things in every area of your life to change your life for the better. You must be willing to BE the person that will change. You must DO the things that leads to change. Once you consistently and actively do the things that lead to change. You will HAVE the change in your life that you seek.


Now, toss out all your resolutions and truly commit to change for 2018! Write down 1 to 3 things you will do in each of these 7 areas of your life to make changes. These things you write down should be small actionable steps you can take in your 7 areas of your life that will lead to change. I’m going to give you mine for 2018 so you can have an ideal of what I’m talking about.

1. Spiritual: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. Listen to audio bible 15-30 min per day.

b. Work to try and make time to take daughter to choir practice.

c. 10-20 minutes of meditation per day.

2. Relationships: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. Spend time every day as family time.

b. Spend time with my daughter every day.

c. Listen better with every interaction (be in the moment).

d. Spend time with friends more often.

3. Mental: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. Meditate 10 – 20 minutes per day.

b. Keep my office organized.

c. Keep up reading 12 -24 books per year (audio books ok)

d. Ask for help more often.

4. Health: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. Wake up do jumping jacks, pushups, 5-10 min Yoga

b. Walk 2-3 times per week.

c. Eat health minded food – diet.

d. Plan my meals better.

e. Work weights 2 times per week (kettle ball).

5. Career: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. 2018 goal is $75,000.

b. Work at my income producing activities with all my abilities.

c. Invest 10% of my money.

d. Work on Myed4freedom LLC blogs and other products.

6. Finances: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. Pay down and pay off some Credit Card debt (Family).

b. Grow monthly stock account (continue to invest).

c. Grow IRA account ROI 10-12% goal for 2018.

d. Give money away.

e. Be out of Credit Card debt by 2020.

f. Do not take on new debts, unless emergency.

7. Personal – Fun: (BE-DO-HAVE)

a. I will win if I reach 250 lbs. (this year, and so far, 269) lost 9 lbs.

b. Fix up house one small project at a time. Front door, plumbing, deck, siding

c. See friends more often.

d. Take family to dinner once a month.

e. Take a trip to San Francisco, major goal.

Now, that you see what I have done this year to make my whole life better. Take the time to do the same for yourself. You already failed at many of the resolutions you set, because you took a too narrow focus. Today is the start of a new day, and a new you! Set up a time for yourself to start the year over. Block out 30 minutes to an hour and think about your life. What do you want to have in your life? Who do you have to be, to become that new person? What activities must you do to become that person?


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