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Should I Post That On The Web?


I was just thinking about how much online media has exploded. I think back to the Greensboro, NC newspaper article I read on Sunday 10/28/12. The article talked about an employee getting fired over comments about their boss posted on Face Book. The article went on saying that we should be careful what we post, and business must have better guidelines on what they expect from employees.

This may come to a surprise to the Gen Y and Gen X, but what you post out onto cyber space is out there forever. You can’t take it back once it is out there. Yes, potential employers will surf the social media to find out what kind of person you are. They will use this information to get a good look at the real you. So be forewarned that you must ask one question. Should I post that on the web?

It is better to think about the future and how this one post may haunt you for a very long time. Please be responsible, and as your mother all ways said, “If you have nothing nice to say. Say nothing at all!”

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