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Friends and Family Can Breathe LIFE Into You, Or Bring A Swift DEATH To You!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

TAKE NOTE: You will be challenged as you learn something new! As you learn financial education you will be challenged by those who are closets to you, your friends and family.

I cannot speak to your specific situation, but I speak from my personal experience. As you become familiar with money and how it can be used to create wealth. You will be confronted by all those NAY Sayers! My mother’s brother’s friend did that and lost his shirt. PLEASE do one thing: keep your new-found education to yourself at first.

I want you to learn and internalize the new information that is introduced here. I want you to become familiar with how your thoughts about money are changing. We are a society of localized education. What you are taught in schools and at home becomes your reality. You may or may not have been given a financial education at home. I know I was not. WORK-SPEND-SAVE…. And for what?

You must give your reality a chance to expand. Think of your brain as a rubber band. If you keep learning and stretching your thoughts, at some point the rubber band snaps – POW! You have broken out of your old way of thinking about things, and now can see the other side of the equation. At this point you can stand your ground against NAY Sayers.

Those closest to use have the sharpest knife. Their words if hurtful can cut us deeper than any stranger. In 1997 when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, I took stock of where I was in my life. Two years from graduating college, and deep in debt. I looked at all my family and friends, and they too were all in the same boat or worse. How can I learn anything from them? Sure, I loved them. But I vowed never to let them to teach me about money.

I looked for new role models, and other like-minded people who were interested in what I was learning. If you do nothing else review your list of your friends and family and see if they have any positive things to add to your education. If they do not, then do not bring them into your new circle of trust. At least not until you are comfortable. Look for the positive and negative things you have learned from your family growing up. The true test of education is self-reflection! You must see how you became YOU and be willing to accept the responsibility to change. You cannot make others change, only choose to change your actions, and change yourself!

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