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First Major Downturn since Wall Street got involved.

There are now two exchanges trading futures CBOE and CME, and next year there will be futures for Nasdaq. There has been some major selling, and the price of bitcoin has fallen 27 percent this past week. They price has risen back over $15,000 today. There are going to be days and weeks like this. The most important thing is to have a plan for your money! If you followed my plan of action in my Bitcoin Trading Course you would of gotten out of the market on 12/19 before the major downturn in the market.

Some of this bitcoin selling has been due to Coinbase customers trading out of bitcoin and into Bitcoin Cash that is now available on their platform.

No matter what you do you need to have some exposure to bitcoin even if it is just buying $100 worth and forgetting it. What do you normally do when you want to learn something new. You do a google search, and maybe buy a book on the subject. Well, for $24.95 you are getting my complete trading system on bitcoin. You get clear buy and sell rules.

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