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Bitcoin Cracks $10,000

Bitcoin Still Making Headlines:

Well, on Tuesday 11/28/2017 my buddy Jordan and I were just commenting on how Bitcoin can reach $10,000 any day now. Little did we know that by 8:30 pm It did just that! Check out the CNBC article below. But, when I got up I saw a huge spike in the price it was now trading at $10,856.

In conversation the question came up, “Should I sell and get out?” Well, that is totally up to you. If you have several bit coins, you should take some profit by selling at least one bitcoin. Remember you have capital gains taxes to worry about.

If you are new and just got into bitcoin, then stay the course! Better yet you may want to buy my Bitcoin Trading Course on my new updated website. If you have my Bitcoin Trading Course you will know when to get in and when to get out of bitcoin.

I also have a companion service to my Bitcoin Trading Course that you can purchase. Troy’s Daily Decisions. You can follow along with me as I tell you what I’m doing with my bitcoin money.

No matter what you decide about bitcoin. Please sign up for my free email list here. You will at least get to Learn Life’s Lessons Leading TO Wealth!

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