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First Steps On Wall Street For Bitcoin

Well, last night was the first step on Wall Street for bitcoin with the CBOE futures launching Sunday @ 6 pm. There were 2 trading halts because a surge of activity. Read full article here. Other news for Bitcoin: Predilections for 2018 If you have not checked it out yet I have a Bitcoin Trading Course for the beginner. Learn to get into bitcoin when it is going up, and get out when it is coming down. Check it out! #MyEd4Freedom

Ways To Make Money in 2018

How to make money in 2018 The December 2017 Money Magazine has an article, “101 Ways To Make $1,000: Earn, Save, and Invest More in 2018.” Don’t get me wrong, it was a good article. Great information for the average person. I just think they are leaving one of the best shots of making money for 2018. Take the time to open up an account at and buy $100 worth of bitcoin. Hold your $100 for the full year 2018. Where will it end up? If you bought $100 of bitcoin

Do You Have Some Bitcoin Yet?

It is no secret that bitcoin has gone through the roof. But why? The primary reason is that there are over 100,000 new accounts being opened on daily. Each of these accounts will put some money into bitcoin. The question is, are you? The CME group will start live futures trading of bitcoin on December 18, 2017. Will you get into bitcoin before wall street does? I recently watched a seminar that told the participants, “We are giving away $60,000 live on air during

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