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This is a paid members area at I will do updates once per day Monday – Friday, and on occasion over the weekend. You should have previously bought my Bitcoin Trading Course, for this is the companion service that goes along with this product. If you have not bought it yet, please go get it now. This way you will understand the short blog notes I post in this section.


I am bringing this to you at a one-year discount because, I believe everyone should try it out.  I know if you are following along you will make money. When this first year is up, you may choose to sign up for another year. You should have made the money to pay the full price of $250 per year, by the time this first year is up.


Bitcoin is a volatile investment, and that gives us the opportunities to trade it using a system. You will not catch the bottom or the tops of these movements. You will get the meat of the middle, almost every single time. With any trading system there can be some losses.


That is why we have clear rules to get into bitcoin when it is going up, and out when it is going down. Sure, you can buy and hold, but this system is not that! I wanted to protect my investment from losses.



1 yr. subscription to Troy's Daily Decisions

$250.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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